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Study Planner

Plan your Time

Use the Clevertree study planner to organise your time and tasks, to make sure that you have an achievable study and revision plan learning up to exams.

Guided Plan

The automated tutor system will guide your tasks, so that repetition is achieved during revision periods (for memory retention) and so that weaknesses are prioritised more than strengths.

Achieve Targets

Use the study planner to plan and complete tasks that will help you achieve milestones, like completing all the Integration study notes, to achieve the grade you want.

Study Planner

Designed to Plan and Organise your Studies

The study planner allows you to set tasks and milestones for yourself, so that you can better organise your studies, ensuring that you leave enough time and that you make steady progress throughout the year, instead of being panicked at the end of the year.

It has been shown that both spreading out revision and learning over longer periods of time (instead of trying to cram) and repeated coverage of material are effective ways of boosting how much information and knowledge the brain can retain. It is also important in getting a high grade to focus on your weaker areas (relative to other students in general) - because of the Universal Mark Scale ("UMS") system. Our automated tutor system will guide what you should plan to do to address these points and ensure your learning is effective and efficient.

Finally, tasks that the system sets for you will automatically be linked to the relevant tasks on our website, including, where appropriate study notes and questions.

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