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Clevertree study notes are broken down into individual line items from the syllabus and can be completed in small manageable parts.


Each study note comes with worked examples and further questions for you to complete. They also contain useful hints, tips and common mistakes to avoid.

100% Syllabus Coverage

Clevertree study notes cover the complete the syllabus, down to individual line items - ensuring that you know everything required for the exam.

Study Notes

Designed to Help you Expand your Knowledge

Our study notes are written by us, specifically to help you maximise your A-Level Maths exam result. Designed for ease of use, the study notes can be tackled in small bite-size pieces in any order you wish.

The study notes are also monitored by the automated tutor system, which will update your progress and highlight any unfinished sections. If your performance in example questions or exam practice suggests that you've not properly understood or learnt a part of the study notes the system will inform you of which study notes to focus on.

Finally, the study notes are written in a way that they are easy to understand. With worked examples in the notes and extra ones for you to run through yourself, you can be sure that you'll understand each topic. We also point out many of the common mistakes that students make, as well as the stuff that you really do need to memorise!

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