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Clever Questions

Clevertree questions are selected for you in a smart way so that they are not too hard or too easy and they target your weaker areas to make sure your marks improve.


Every single question comes with a fully worked solution, the ability to use hints and to bookmark that question for later review.

Exam Practice

Clevertree offers exam practice questions and even questions that are guided, so you can learn how to tackle questions in the exams to get the most possible marks.


Designed to Help Measure your Ability

Our questions are all written by us, specifically to probe and grow your abilities, to help you ace your A-Level Maths exam. The questions are selected so they are just hard enough that they will extend your abilities and give us the best information on what your weaknesses are so that we can focus on them.

Every single question comes with worked solutions, so you can step through it, if you get it wrong and hints are offered, if you feel that you can't quite get to the answer yourself.

Finally, all of the questions are tied back to individual lines on the syllabus, so that our automated tutor can figure out which parts you're not understanding and can prompt you on how to fix those weaknesses, maybe my pointing you towards the appropriate study notes.

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